Our Aim

  • The major aim of the course is to educate and prepare qualified Interior Designers as well as to develop a keen awareness in the student regarding the legal, moral, ethical and professional responsibilities of an Interior Designer.
  • Students after successful completion of this course can start their own Interior Design Consultancy firms/business of Interior Design, or as entrepreneurs, design consultant or enter the design and construction field as Interior Designers, Supervisors, CAD draftsman etc. with Interior Design firms, Architects, Housing Developers, Facility Managers and others.
  • The course provides students with basic knowledge, skills and the training that is essential to enter the Interior Design profession and/or the Interior Decoration business.

Our Mission

The school believes in offering interesting programme of study in the design discipline that encourages the students to attain higher standards of education. The mission is to prepare the learner to responsibly create interior environments through applied problem solving methods, critical thinking combined with organizational and ethical practice skills such that the built environments are functional and supportive of the social, psychological, physical, economical and behavioral needs of the user.


Our Objectives

  • To provide an exemplary Interior Design program of study,
  • Encourage critical thinking related to design problem solving;
  • Ease the transfer of knowledge and skills between courses and studios;
  • Reinforce design applications and vocabulary,
  • Accept objective critism with open mind focused on the need for continuous improvement to any design programme;
  • Arrange the curriculum structuring it sequentially around design studios and offering variety of design projects and possibilities;
  • Furnish quality experiential learning opportunities and demand excellence in professional internship experience.