We offer Diploma in Interior Design & Decoration (DIDD) course – a two year full time Diploma affiliated to Maharashtra State Board of Education (MSBTE) Mumbai.

The course provides students with knowledge, skills and training necessary to enter the Interior Design profession.

The course focuses on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and skills related to the specialised demand of the profession of Interior Design. Specifically, the skills and knowledge that will support the research and execution of residential and commercial space planning, colour and materials selection, construction detailing and specifications are imparted. Emphasis is given on taking the curriculum to more on the practical level through various activities.



  • Basic Design - This subject deals with the basics of design viz. Functionality (Ergonomy and Anthropometry), Aesthetics (Principles & Elements of design), Design process and Styles as per Period and Region. Basic Design forms the foundation of Interior Design.
  • Interior Design - Interior Design is the Core subject of this course with input from all other subjects. For the First year of the course, the student is trained in designing Residential Interiors.
  • Materials & Products - design of any space enclosure, activity, furniture objects, etc. comes into reality with the use of physical material. Students are made aware of the various materials and factory made products available in the market.
  • Construction Techniques (1 & 2) - The name itself speaks out the content. The techniques of constructing the features and elements of a building structure and the interior of the designed space using various materials of construction.
  • Primary Services - Every activity space becomes habitable and fully operational with the adequate and proper ventilation, lighting & electrification, plumbing & sanitation. These aspects are dealt with in this subject.
  • Paraline and Perspective Projections - This subject is the language and grammer of this course. For communicating a design to the client, and for it’s execution, Presentation drawings and working drawings, respectively, are a necessity. (Manual Drawings)
  • 2D CADD - Computer Aided Drawing and Design (2 dimensional drawings).
  • Communication and Personality Skills - This subject deals with various aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication at all levels required in the profession.

*Internship during Summer vacation for minimum Six weeks at the end of First year.

Students Contact Hours per week:30 Hrs.

Theory & Practical periods of 60 minutes each.

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